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  • Kofi

    astro gonna win

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  • chasiti


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  • Silkenmiss

    My burritos man is going to won yyyyess.

  • Cfogle

    I do not think Astro should win. He is talented, but not the best. He rapped tonight , no ROCK. He is not able to do other types of music. The judges made a fuss about not doing rock songs,but no one said any thing about Astro not doing Rock. The judges are trying to tear down some of the very talented contestants. WAKE UP judges treat evryone with the same standards!!!!!!! beach girl

    • Wgardner2008

      you are right he is like a one trick pony!!!!

  • MizStar

    Astro or Marcus!!! But love astro hes talented and write his own lyrics every week my choice for the winnre is Astro!! Love him

    • Marcella morales

      neither has the vocals

  • RoDogg78

    Astro isn’t that great! He can’t sing a single note! Tonight they should have criticized him in not doing rock-n-roll! Instead they praise him and cater to him! Wow Astro can write his own lyrics but he sounds the same week in and week out! L.A. wants to talk about Drew but she blows Astro off the stage! LeRoy,Drew, Josh,Mealanie and Lakoda Rayne are the best on the show to me!

  • Dermeshia20


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  • Bscarna

    someone help me figure out how to txt vote plz im new here

  • Info

    Josh has the skills, the will, and the class. Just wait until he pulls off some Bob Segar – winning!

  • Allaboutrozz85

    all the talent is great and at this point it is still hard to say who is going to win

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  • Ggtalk

    Chris nice. Melanie go gyal

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  • Swelz

    rachel was ROBBED she should NOT be going home ……Nicole you SUCK!!!!!!!

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  • Chrismmeister

    how could anyone think that Astro was any kind of a role model he had no respect and was a sore loser. I am glad the viewers could see a spoiled,self entitled immature child that did not deserve to win. I hope Josh wins!

  • Dodieheckelman

    Josh was so good last night! Love him!

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  • Lorierobert61601

    Melanie you are really the winner me and my husband like and really touches our hearts .That was the best performance that was a bomb. Love you Lorie & Robert Miami ,Florida

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  • Tayler

    I want Diamond To Win You Got It In the bag boo !

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