As rumored, Britney Spears will not be returning to the X Factor next season, but it won’t be because she was fired by Simon Cowell. The pop princess announced that she is quitting the show to focus on her music career.

Oh, that’s what they all say. What? It is! I’m not making it up. I kid. But seriously, who ditches $15 million to sit and nod? OK, I’ll stop now! Either way, there will be another empty seat next to the one L.A. Reid left vacant. No word on if Demi Lovato has signed on for another season. But I’m sure she has since she’s the only one I hoped would get canned. Sigh.

TV Guide says that Britney quit the show to avoid being fired. But in the same story, quoted Fox’s Kevin Reilly saying Britney was a success to the show.

“I thought it went very, very well,” Reilly said. “It was fraught with unknowns, and I think Britney did a very good job. People are fascinated with her and always will be. Last year the ratings were a little bit higher, but I think it was a better show this year. I think she tucked in really nicely on the bench.”

What do you make of all this? Will you miss Britney on the panel? Who would be a good replacement?


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