After what seems like years of speculation, pop star Britney Spears has finally signed the deal to become a judge of The X Factor alongside Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid next season.

Let the fourth judge talk/speculation/annoyance begin! Er, continue!

According to E! News, Britney signed the $15 million contract this week, making her the highest paid female judge on television.

“The contract is signed,” a source close to Spears told E! “There’s been a lot of back and forth over the past few weeks as they negotiated the small details, but she’s on. It’s all completed and Britney is beyond excited.”

Is this the right move for Britney? The insider close to Britney thinks so.

“She’s ready for this,” the source said. “She can’t wait to sit down next to Simon at the judges’ table and give this everything she’s got. She is excited about showing the world that she can do this, and do this well. This is the perfect next stage in her career. Both Britney and Simon are very excited to work together.”

Will Britney make a good judge and who should take the fourth seat next to Britney?


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