Here we go. Time to start the X Factor judges rumor mill. As if the show wasn’t annoying enough, the post-season judge drama continues. First we learned that L.A. Reid was out and now reports are coming in that Britney Spears has been ditched by Simon Cowell and won’t be a part of X Factor 2013.

That should come as no surprise as I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say the show will be a revolving door of judges every season. And since Britney did almost nothing to earn her $15 million paycheck, her departure really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

“[Simon] wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney,” a source told US Weekly, according to the Los Angeles Times.

There’s been no confirmation on Britney’s departure, but I think it’s probably more than just a rumor. As for Demi Lovato, there have been no rumors yet. But her bickering with Simon and outspoken attitude (and much lower paycheck) might keep her around for another season. As much as these stories kill me to report, we’ll keep you updated.

What did you think of Britney as a judge? Would you miss her as a judge and mentor?

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