X-Factor was originally from the UK but will now be on FOX Network starting in the fall of 2011.  Simon Cowell will be leaving his role as judge on American Idol to be a judge on X-Factor.  Cowell owns the rights to X-Factor and should be making quite a bit of money!

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Matt Boyer, Publisher, Lead Editor
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About Matt: Matt is the lead wrangler when it comes to bringing together the best writers and websites for the Gravy Train Productions entertainment news network. Aside from spending most his time scavenging the interwebs, Matt enjoys relaxing with his wife and two dogs in the suburbs of D.C.

Branden Barker, Lead Writer
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About Branden: Branden, a pop culture junky, has covered entertainment for newspapers and magazines for the past 10 years.

Conrad Finn, Staff Writer
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About Conrad: Conrad joins the team with a different angle on the singing competition soaked market and sets his sights on cutting through the fluff and picking out the real talent.

Ashley Maples, Staff Writer
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About Ashley: New to the team, Ashley brings her musical background perspective to the weekly reviews of what’s happening both on and in front of the stage.

Kelley Boyer, Copy Editor
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About Kelley: Kelley lends her technical writing degree skills to X Factor Network to help keep her husband in check. While she enjoys reality TV as much as the next fan, what she really wants is another German Shepherd but Randy Jackson’s constant use of “dawg” isn’t helping her argument.

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